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The Vesten is currently a level 7 Guardian guild located on the Plutonus shard. We are currently looking for mature active players interested in running end game content & having fun at the same time! We do not have any level or class requirement, though we are in need of healers.

We currently have members running T1/T2 content. At this time, our members are working with other guildies online to put together groups & work together through content. As we grow and/or progress, it is our intention to implement a more conventional schedule & will work with our members to find a time to accommodate schedules accordingly.

If you are interested in joining our ranks, please feel free to contact us through this site - or you may contact one of our members online..... /who Vesten
** Guild chat rated "M" for mature **

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mookeemoo, May 10, 11 12:26 AM.
Hey guys (:

I have been adding some useful links to the library page... some general information, links to cairns & puzzle guides...and some macro information. There is also more to come. Just an FYI...

Crafting Marketplace

mookeemoo, May 10, 11 12:11 AM.
Hey guys (:

I know that we all have been grinding our crafting skills and now probably have quite a pool of recipes/patterns/items available between us all. We have many members that rarely cross each other line due to schedule / time frame differences. So I have added this tool to the forums page. Let me know what you think??? Do you all think this is something that we should / could use? I have added a poll to the forums page - please let us know your thoughts!

Forums, forums forums!!!

mookeemoo, May 9, 11 11:58 PM.
Hey guys (:

I have added some useful information within the general discussion section of our forum page. First & foremost, I have stickied a general code of conduct for guildies, and have also added some basic information posts for common questions that I have seen come up in guild chat. As more & more things are asked, I will try to build up this informational database for the use by our guildies (: I encourage you all to use this section of our website, not only in search of your own answers, but as a tool to inform all of our members. If you have a question about it, there is a chance one of us either have - or will be in need of that same information. I figure why not start off on the right foot and began to pool our resources from the start?
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Currently no level or class requirements - though we are in need of healers to try to get as many groups through content as possible. If you are interested in joining, please contact us via this site or any of our members online. /who Vesten
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